About Lauryn



What is this blog about?

What you will find here is soulful art of the real, comedic and useful sort.  A lense to the world that is mostly unfiltered and full of heart.

I question and poke fun at societal norms while offering deep insight into our journeys ahead. It’s a mix of candid interviews, my own musings and some character driven, “Dear Abby” style videos.  I encourage my readers to see past the clutter in their lives to what’s real, what’s true and what’s beautiful.

More specifically,

  • I write a lot about how to change our lives for the better, highlighting acts of bravery and vulnerability. 
  • I talk about spirituality, mindfulness and the inner journey. This includes how to be happier, live more peacefully and focus on what really matters. Forget the white noise and dive into why you’re really here.
  • I also talk about blogging, content marketing and story-telling online.

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Who is this blog for?

The dreamer. The odd-ball. The once-an-outcast, the rebel and the truth-seeker. For the people who are awakening to something powerful within. This is for you. Some of us are artists, others entreprenuers and some are even stay at home moms. You probably are curious, feel your gifts are under-utilized and yearn to bring more of ‘you’ into the world. You’re hungry, even if you don’t know what for.

What is the reason behind my work? 

It’s a gift to both myself and others. How can I make you laugh? Bring more happiness into your life? Help you take positive action in your life? That is why I create. For you.

TEDx Talks

I’ve done a few talks. These speak about the importance of being truthful and in understanding the importance of our creative journeys.

The Importance of Authenticity, TEDxTraverseCity

Climb Your Mountain, TEDxAsylumHill

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People matter and service is a way of life. I’m a girl with a vision and a desire for adventure. Dogs and tacos al pastor are my favorite. I’m a fun-loving leader with a rich background ranging from diplomatic stints at the American Embassy in Rome, to revolutionizing the publishing industry with Seth Godin’s The Domino Project (powered by Amazon) to backpacking through Europe with nothing but a camera, a sense of humor and a Youtube audience. I love making beautiful work that creates powerful dialogue and influences popular opinion.

I’ve been seen as a speaker on Delta Airlines, Yahoo Small Business, TEDxTraverseCity, Forbes, TEDxAsylumHill, Fast Company, Mashable, best-selling book End Malaria and others. Tweet me @heylaurynbee

Let’s change the way people live for the better.

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