About Lauryn

People matter and service is a way of life. I’m a girl with a vision and a desire for adventure. Dogs and tacos al pastor are my favorite. I’m a fun-loving leader with a rich background ranging from diplomatic stints at the American Embassy in Rome, to revolutionizing the publishing industry with Seth Godin’s The Domino Project (powered by Amazon) to backpacking through Europe with nothing but a camera, a sense of humor and a Youtube audience. I love making beautiful work that creates powerful dialogue and influences popular opinion.

I’ve been seen as a speaker on Delta Airlines, Yahoo Small Business, TEDxTraverseCity, Forbes, TEDxAsylumHill, Fast Company, Mashable, best-selling book End Malaria and others. Tweet me @heylaurynbee

Let’s change the way people live for the better.

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What is this blog about?

Unfiltered truth*. It’s a platform for sharing the most time sensitive information I know of to help you live your best life. Tailored towards the entrepreneurial minded, it’s raw, unfiltered, edgy and humorous with some definite style. You can expect bold, unconventional ideas that are meant to awaken the sleeping giant within you.  You can sign up by email here or by RSS feed too.

*Truth is a tricky word in that it can be seen as highly subjective. Truth for me is likened to sincerity, authenticity and transparency. I won’t say something I know isn’t true simply because it’s popular or may benefit me in some way.

More specifically,

  • I write a lot about entrepreneurship, reflecting how it is a tool for greater freedom. Time is precious and now is the moment to live.
  • I also speak in great depth about sales, marketing and authentic self-promotion. I did a TEDx on authenticity that you can see here.  A great many people believe that personal branding is just a bunch of lies as are sales and marketing. They think that they are inherently shallow by nature, but I disagree. They’re shallow  only if they lack depth and depth comes from knowing what you stand for (i.e. your personal brand). I teach that here too.
  • I talk about personal development and the importance of speaking your truth for your own life, arguing that who we are is our greatest achievement.

Why would I bother to write a blog? 

For anyone that creates media, whether that be movies, blogs, poetry, etc., they know it is no quick task. It is an investment of time and emotion and if you do it right, a piece of you is in everything you put out into the world. Talk about scary, the fear of putting yourself out there can be so crippling that you never share your art with the world.

So why do I bother?

Because if I don’t, I’m miserable. I think it’s gluttonous to not share what I’m certain will change lives.

Truth be told, I began writing this blog as a suggestion from a real estate coach from back in the day (real estate was my first business). It quickly morphed into a platform where I shared the ideas that kept me up at the night, the insights that I swore would make peoples’ lives infinitely better if only they knew of them.

And to be totally blunt, I  noticed that a lot of us are just plain delusional, myself included. There is a need for some real, no bull shit, get to the point talk on the internet to shake us out of these shells we’ve locked ourselves into.

But even more than all of the above, I feel this is my calling in life. Teaching is like breathing to me. Without it, my life feels bland. I have so many ideas and insights running through my head that this is almost like therapy for me. This blog keeps me honest, it holds me accountable to something bigger than myself and allows me to do what turns me on. Luckily, I have readers who stick around long enough to take in these musings and I’m forever grateful (really). If you’re one of them, thank you.

Unicorn Manifesto (free) 

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how important it is to have a clear vision for how you see the world unfolding (you can replace world with industry, family, relationship, etc.). So, here is a sneak peak at how I see things. You’re going to find a call to action and dream for a vibrant world starting with us. Take a peak (click here) and please share it. It’s free.

TEDx Talks

The Importance of Authenticity, TEDxTraverseCity

Climb Your Mountain, TEDxAsylumHill

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