The lure of perfection

This one’s taken me some time to fully accept and by all means is a working progress. How often do we seek out perfection, both in our own lives and in our work? The website that needs to be just right to launch or the girl that needs to be exactly what I want and […]

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If Richard Branson can do it, then so can you.

Having the chance to hang out with Seth Godin for the past few months has shown me something really important about success, something that may be surprising to a lot of you. I’ve learned that there really isn’t a ‘secret sauce’ as many think. People tend to glorify really successful individuals asking them what their […]

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This is what happens when you move fast

You hit a lot of road blocks, faster and harder. The benefit is that you have the momentum to push through them. You encounter more opportunities at a more rapid pace which allows you to grow faster. The more you’re exposed to the better able you are to act in the face of future opposition. […]

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The Hard Truth: Getting out of your own way.

This past week for me has been largely a roller coaster of emotion and excitement,with the culmination of the 7 days welcoming in an amazing change in my life. For those of you who have not read my last 2 posts, I have been extremely fortunate to be welcomed onto Seth Godin’s latest project,  The […]

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