Being yourself: your highest leverage asset

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at TedxTraverseCity in beautiful Michigan. The inspiration for the speech was very personal, a story and a mission that I not only believe the world relates to, but is utterly necessary to succeed. I hope you’ll take the chance to check it out and I […]

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(Almost) All the things I’m afraid of…

So this is it folks. The grand list. I realized as of late that I’ve hit yet another block. I’m calling myself out as the scaredy cat I’m effectively being. It’s true: I’m scared to do the work I’m being called to do. Crippling thoughts race through my mind: Can I really pull this off? […]

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The Value of Sharing

A few days ago I had the priviledge of teaching some very bright minds some of the ins and outs of selling via Skillshare (see my class and others here). The interest in the class and the overall enthusiasm was more than I had expected and the class went off without a hitch. What was even more […]

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That’s just the way it is

For the majority of my life I’ve been told, “that’s just the way it is.” And it’s a statement I detest. And while there is a hint of truth in that statement, the bigger message speaks to the belief that you are powerless. But what happens when you shouldn’t just accept things as they are? […]

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One of the most important equations of your life…

Most people struggle with making rational decisions.They stay at the job they hate for too long, they miscalculate if it was better to take the train or bus to get home and  continue with bad relationships out of their inability to look at the situation from a unemotional, rational perspective. Many don’t realize that there […]

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All-stars are human too

I’ve heard a lot of people regard the famous and ultra successful as being unique in their ability to do or achieve great things. People like Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Michael Jordan, etc. tend to be seen as ‘special’ cases of superior talent. But I question how much of what we see is raw talent […]

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(real) Selling is as authentic as you get

There’s a belief that you have to be something that you’re not to be successful. This goes for sales, marketing, job interviews, dates  and anything else that forces you to put yourself out in front of the world. This belief lingers in the tactical advice about how to market, sell and use social media. It hangs […]

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Common fallacy: sunk costs matter

The other day while chatting with The Dominoes, Seth imparted a life changing lesson to us and I wanted to share it with you. It’s one of those “aha” moments that change the game. The message was simple but profound. People think that sunk costs, in terms of economics,  matter. They think that something they […]

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Poke the Box: Our first launch

The past 2 months have led up to something amazing: the launch of The Domino Project’s first book Poke the Box. What I’ve realized since my time working to launch a book that I believe will help people who are stuck move forward, is that you don’t need permission from anyone else but yourself to […]

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Why I began this journey in the first place.

This past weekend I came to Buffalo, NY to visit my family. With news that my great aunt’s health had rapidly declined, I felt it important to come home. It also happened to be our friends’ baby’s first birthday and my boyfriend was able to attend the party. It’s extremely hard to see someone who […]

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