If Richard Branson can do it, then so can you.

Having the chance to hang out with Seth Godin for the past few months has shown me something really important about success, something that may be surprising to a lot of you. I’ve learned that there really isn’t a ‘secret sauce’ as many think. People tend to glorify really successful individuals asking them what their […]

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All-stars are human too

I’ve heard a lot of people regard the famous and ultra successful as being unique in their ability to do or achieve great things. People like Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Michael Jordan, etc. tend to be seen as ‘special’ cases of superior talent. But I question how much of what we see is raw talent […]

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Common fallacy: sunk costs matter

The other day while chatting with The Dominoes, Seth imparted a life changing lesson to us and I wanted to share it with you. It’s one of those “aha” moments that change the game. The message was simple but profound. People think that sunk costs, in terms of economics,  matter. They think that something they […]

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Poke the Box: Our first launch

The past 2 months have led up to something amazing: the launch of The Domino Project’s first book Poke the Box. What I’ve realized since my time working to launch a book that I believe will help people who are stuck move forward, is that you don’t need permission from anyone else but yourself to […]

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In the Wall Street Journal– The Domino Project

Check out Seth Godin and The Domino Project in The Wall Street Journal.  Little by little, more and more people are taking notice of our mission.  Love it! You can see the pic here, but unfortunately you have to buy the paper to read the whole article. Sorry.

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The Hard Truth: Getting out of your own way.

This past week for me has been largely a roller coaster of emotion and excitement,with the culmination of the 7 days welcoming in an amazing change in my life. For those of you who have not read my last 2 posts, I have been extremely fortunate to be welcomed onto Seth Godin’s latest project,  The […]

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Be Brave. Be Bold. Get off your ass and do something.

I feel like I am finally beginning to come home after a long Chevy Chase style vacation. I used to be all about doing what you love. Then at some point, I fell into the mentality of, “do what makes you money, because money is key to freedom, and you can’t really do what you […]

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Hey Seth– Pick me as your next intern

Hi Seth, I am really and truly happy that you’ve taken the time to stop by my blog. Here is what I’ve been up to as a marketing gig to show you I am the real deal who wants this internship like a crack head wants his next fix. I, however, have no addiction, am […]

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Are you a purple cow?

Hey to all the cool people reading this blog– if you’re a loser you don’t get a hello, sorry. Wooah, just kidding! Anyways, as I was wandering through Ted.com today, I came across a great video by Seth Godin, Mr. Purple Cow Marketing Guru himself. Seth talks about the importance of standing out and being […]

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