The universe is calling you.

There’s a life inside you, a universe speaking, singing, stomping, hell, at this point maybe even dancing. But you won’t hear her if you don’t turn down the noise in your life. Quiet the pandemonium. Learn to be still, if only for a second (tweet). Discover the real you behind the ideas, notions and limitation […]

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Choose life paths with no clear ending.

The past few months have been symbolic, both literally and figuratively, of running down paths without knowing where they will lead. I’m decidedly calling it pleasure and creative research. I’d find myself running up and down trails in Germany where the road would split and it wasn’t clear to me where to go next. One […]

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You want to change your life? Change your scenery. 

As I get ready to fly back to NY, I’m already feeling fear set in. I want these good feelings and blazing insights from my past month or so in Europe to ride on. I remember the state I was in upon leaving and I don’t want to go back to that place. Who would? […]

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3 Magical Lessons from My Travels Abroad

I didn’t know what to expect coming to Europe but more than anything, I knew I wanted/needed to shed a heavy heart. [FYI: I’ll be posting more pics/stories/insights to come. Sign up for blog updates here and follow me on Instagram to stay in the know.] The best part of this trip, though? The journey isn’t over. Upon […]

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Are you to blame?

  “Cuando crezcas, descubrirás que ya defendiste mentiras, te engañaste a ti mismo o sufriste por tonterías. Si eres un buen guerrero, no te culparás por ello, pero tampoco dejarás que tus errores se repitan.” – Pablo Neruda “When you grow, you will discover that you defended lies, you cheated yourself or suffered for foolishness. […]

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