Fear vs. Love: Which one drives you?

” Motivation is fire from within, only you can light it.” –Anonymous (tweetable) The biggest assassin of future prosperity isn’t lack of information. In an age where most people have access to the internet, we, if anything, are drowning in information. No, the biggest assassin of anything worth pursuing is fear. We call it by many […]

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The $20 Challenge

What is $20 to you? How hard do you think it would be to give unsuspecting strangers in a major metropolitan area some money, for no reason and with no expectation of reciprocity of any sort? Twenty dollars was the catalyst for a major life shift for me about one week ago.  We often ask […]

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It’s time to be brave.

Market yourself. Tell people what you really do. Share what you believe. And be ok if they don’t agree.  This has been a common theme for me, really my whole life. Maybe you can relate… Most of my life, I’ve felt like a weirdo. As a child, attempting to perform emergency operations of half-dead birds […]

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Death isn’t reserved for the elderly.

I didn’t expect that on a Friday night, amidst my search for iPhone cases on Amazon, that I would stumble upon Facebook and discover that a high school friend passed away yesterday in her fight against breast cancer. 27 years old. Breast cancer. I had no idea. It seems that I wrote almost this same […]

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I’m a coward. Hold me accountable.

Sitting around the family room on some pretty comfy couches in Buffalo, NY, The Voice popped up on T.V. and I felt a familiar sense of  wanting to flee. Annoyance, grievance and agitation surfaced. I didn’t want to watch the show the same way I didn’t want to watch any show pertaining to singing or […]

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