How can I live up to my potential?

A few weeks ago I asked a dear friend of mine what question or idea was really eating at her. This is what she wrote to me: I want to know if I am capable of producing on the outside the level of greatness I have on the inside. I fear my stories will hold […]

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Eat your cake already.

Today I spent two hours sitting on the phone, chatting with a teammate about the days to come. And as I write this, I’m in a state of bliss, driven to write and share this super important insight, so pardon the typos. You see, my newest project  S+M goes live to the entire public today. I’ll […]

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My Facebook Mustache

How many times have we gone on Facebook only to look at all of our “friends” living their perfect lives? Then we feel bad about ourselves, wanting what we think they have. Let’s be real, I look at Facebook for more than 10 seconds and I wanna die. Everyone looks cooler, happier and more stylish […]

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How do I launch my business?

Launching a business is hard, but there’s one thing that’s probably even harder still. In today’s intimate interview, Never Stop Dreaming: A discussion around what it really takes to live your dream, we get deep and juicy with two fabulous entrepreneurs who give it to you straight about what you can expect when you make […]

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“I’d love to be bigger and bolder. I wanna get out and get noticed!”

[pssst… If you’re looking for the S+M free video tutorial on self promotion like a pro, scroll down the page. You’ll find it under #4 of the Roadmap to Self-Promotion toward the bottom of the post] Why I refused to promote my blog for 4 years When I first left my real estate business almost […]

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