The universe is calling you.

There’s a life inside you, a universe speaking, singing, stomping, hell, at this point maybe even dancing. But you won’t hear her if you don’t turn down the noise in your life. Quiet the pandemonium. Learn to be still, if only for a second (tweet). Discover the real you behind the ideas, notions and limitation […]

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Am I sharing too much online?

“The joy of who we are can only be known through presence.” After sharing my personal journey with anxiety and how it led me to meditation, one reader—whom I hold very dear to my heart— was brave enough to ask the following question: Have you ever wrote something that felt right at the time and […]

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Let It Go: How Unicorn-Loving Hippies Saved My Life

I began a daily meditation and journaling practice in December of 2014 as a way to save myself from moderate — to at times crippling— anxiety, sadness and racing thoughts. Meditation has allowed me to sit with the ugly, hairy emotions we prefer to excuse from the dinner table: jealousy, rage, self-hate and impulsiveness to name a […]

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